How To Prepare For A Photoshoot

Get The Most Out Of Your Photoshoot!

Before Cleanup and Staging

Properly preparing your home to be photographed makes all the difference! 

Now is the ideal time to box up and move out all the "extra stuff" that most of us tend to accumulate in our homes.  Consider renting a storage space or having a garage sale (or both, if needed).  Homes are generally priced "per square foot" -  so make it look and feel spacious!

After Cleanup and 

Some Simple Staging 

 Your listing photos are the first thing anyone will see - they are the buyer's "first impression". 

After you've boxed up and moved all that extra stuff out, you can focus on how everything left in the space works.  Adding some updated wall art or some greenery will go a long way! Consider how the furniture is placed in a room and how it flows. If you need another eye, ask your real estate agent for assistance or think about using a professional staging consultant. 


Buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in your home - not how you live in it!

A buyer doing an online search will usually discard homes that have dark, or poor quality photos.  Statistics show they also discard properties that have too much clutter and personal items in the photographs. 

If a buyer won't come to see your home because the photographs you have online don't appeal to them,  it is probably safe to say they will not buy your home.


Professional photography is essential for looking your best, but it takes teamwork to achieve optimal results! 

Remember that whatever condition your home is in when the photographer arrives is what you will be presenting to the world.  Please carefully review our checklist to get helpful tips and insight for preparing your home to look its very best.

Start by walking through your home like it's the first time you've ever been there. 

The best photos start with clean, nicely staged spaces, so let’s get started!

This "Short List" is most commonly what owners need to focus on in order to be prepared.

The Over Achiever List is just what it sounds like - an extensive list of things you can do to prepare - not only for your photoshoot but ultimately, a successful sale of your home. 


   Foyer or Main Entrance

   Living Room





Rear Exterior